Plottable Golden Train

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Plottable Golden Train includes many variations (bridges, cactus, clouds, eagles, colors,...) entirely generated with code at mint (generative art). Made only with strokes, this NFT can optionally be physically pen plotted, into a A6-size postcard. The NFT is ultimately the recipe to a physically plottable art piece, it exports a SVG that you can plot with pens. owning it confers the right to plot it – The artist would use isograph pens and gel pens to achieve the final plot, but other plotter artists are free to use their own materials and ship to collectors as long as the NFT is owned at the time of the request. Simply drag&drop (or right-click-save) in a folder to get the .SVG. For those interested in the technical details, this work was created using WebGL + Rust + WASM and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Additional information and the source code for this piece can be found at this link: – feel free to ask @greweb on Twitter. Part of this collection was pre-minted in context of a collaboration with Astroquirks validator.