About Public Works


The goal of PublicWorks.art is to raise the profile of generative art in the world while also giving charitably. Starting with the Cosmos NFT space, we're building artist tools to support programmable artworks that create NFTs at mint time. No NFTs exist until a collector mints-- neither the artist nor collector know what will be generated until an NFT is minted. PublicWorks.art is one of only a few spaces that offers the opportunity to create and experience entirely unique, rare artwork from generative on-chain code.

We believe this co-creation of art is the most exciting form of generative art. And we're here for it.

How we're doing it

Smart contracts enable programmable money. Public Works enables programmable art.

PublicWorks.art is not a launchpad-- it is a platform supporting generative on-chain artworks. We work in tandem with the Stargaze launchpad. You can mint Works on Stargaze!

The team behind PublicWorks.art is dedicated to building open NFT tools for generative collections. Soon, anyone can submit a generative collection. Think fxhash for the Cosmos.

The future of generative art NFTs are interactive realtime multimedia powered by PublicWorks.art.

The team

Skymagic is a professional engineer, artist, and generative art enthusiast making generative artworks for over a decade.


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