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Everything you need to create generative art works

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Recent Works

Plottable Golden Train

Plottable Golden Train includes many variations (bridges, cactus, clouds, eagles, colors,...) entirely generated with code at mint (generative art). Made only with strokes, this NFT can optionally be physically pen plotted, into a A6-size postcard. https://greweb.me/plots/nft?stargaze


Repetition is a collection of minimalistic artworks. Each artwork is unique and contains a beautiful pattern created by repeating a simple shape. The outputs have bright colored gradients and are fascinating in its simplicity!


Helio is a slow indulgent breath in the fast-paced NFT universe. Following the success of the artist's first major release, Hyperion, Helio flexes and stretches in symmetrical symphony using expressive generative color palettes with advanced graphics techniques.

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