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Helio is a celebration of the sustaining light of our sun. Endless symmetric patterns inhale and exhale to form one-of-a-kind, ethereal mandala structures that invite you to find your center and breathe together. Form and color unite, sometimes chaotically, other times gently, with its ever-changing kaleidoscope.\n\nControls:\nEach Helio is interactive-- viewers can control the animation speed, save still frames, and create a looping gif image.\n\nPress 'f' for fullscreen or click on the overlay button\nPress 1-5 to increase or decrease the image quality. 1 is lowest, 5 is highest, 3 is default.\nPress 'q' to slow down the animation. Press 'w' to speed up the animation.\nPress 'e' to pause the animation.\nPress 'r' to resume normal animation speed.\nPress 's' to save an image. Increasing resolution is recommended before saving a frame.\nPress 'g' to save a looping gif image. Decreasing resolution first is recommended. Click on the download link after gif rendering completes to save your gif.\n\nWorks on any screen size at any resolution.\nHelio requires WebGL2 and Google Chrome >= v105. Beware, high resolution requires a powerful machine.
Additional Description

Helio has 9 traits derived from over 23 internal parameters including 20 color palettes of varying rarity that ultimately produce unique animations. Join our TG: https://t.me/microcosmbotdotxyz_bot?start=clt61crhm0002l6084l7ns5fr